Tsunami XR Founder Alex Hern On The Importance Of Cross Reality

Cross Reality has become popular among the mainstream. However, keeping up with terms such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality can be difficult for consumers. That’s why cross reality is emerging as a combination of the terms. What Is Cross Reality Cross Reality is combination of many different environments and human machine interactions […]

Chasing the American Dream, Entrepreneur Doe Deere Share Her Coming To America Story

Doe Deere may fool onlookers with her vibrant hair, signature makeup, and wild style. However, the sensational CEO and ‘Unicorn Queen’ of Lime Crime did not always enjoy a glamorous lifestyle and presence. Originally born Xenia Vorotova, Doe Deere struggled many years in America, after arriving from her hometown of Izhevsk, Russia. Her story as […]

The Committment of End Citizens United

End Citizens United (ECU) are committed to making great money from politics and repairing the manipulated-d systems in D.C., so that it is working for all American people. It works with the elected members of the Congress, who will struggle to overthrow the ECU and pass on meaningful reforms. While several reform organizations have been […]